Summary of nearly 4 years of academic study of computer science

hello, everyone I am a senior computer science student, lives in Egypt and I am expected to graduate next July so I will summarize my experience so far that might help anyone in their path.

Time was 2016 with an average high school score, I didn’t know where to study and the next phase was completely unknown for me.

long story short, I get enrolled in mid-level university computer science college.

no surprise I found that the quality of the instructors and assistant is interesting. some with good knowledge and bad teaching skills and some bad in all that you think how they get this job, and there were good ones

That time I realized that the college alone will not provide a job for me so I started self-learning path

sorry for the long introduction I will summarize my experience in solid points

  • If you have a question ask…seems easy but most people either they are lazy or shy to ask about what they don’t understand and that leads to more struggling alone to understand that question that you can get the answer easily in the same time
  • Be curious to the extreme, ever wondered why JavaScript has weakly typed language and have some flows because it was built in just 10 days, knowing the reason for every weird detail help you understand the whole idea
  • Don’t give up easily that advise you probably heard it in many other articles and you will because it’s hard to control and need to remember it all the time

Be modest and never be arrogant even if you the person that discusses you is wrong, be gentle and if he insets on his opinion just leave him

  • just keep learning is the key to be successful in our industry no matter how good you are in you stack
  • help others with your knowledge, you will be more powerful in it

please share your experience to help each other