Summary of the individual chapters

Hello together,
is there a summary of the individual chapters on this portal, e.g. for “Responsive web design’ etc certification”?

there are a few pages in the curriculum that are introductory and not challenges and you can read the titles of the sections in each certification

Responsive Web Design: HTML/CSS
JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures: JavaScript
FrontEnd Frameworks and Libraries: jQuery, Bootstrap, React, Redux
Data Visualisation: D3.js, Ajax

if you look at the titles of the sections in each certificate it is still a summary but a bit more complete

I could’t find one either so I made my own
This one is for ES6

And this one for JS


thank you but thats not what I meant. Something that KittyKora did I thought

thanks a lot you KittyCora. That’s a good idea. In this way you can also apply what you have learned