Super curious...(certificates)

I know that there are several discussions about how to print your certificate, that’s not my question.
My question is, why is it done this way?
I am assuming, of course, that the powers-that-be are aware of the several steps, extensions, and other programs people have to use to get a clean copy of their certificate.

It seems like such an easy fix, especially for a coding site. Why is it let like this?

Hello there,

From discussion I have seen, the reason for not providing an official way to print the certificates is that the whole system relies on the server (URL) verification of the certification.

That is, it is expected Campers will share the certificate by sharing a URL, and not by sharing a paper/printed copy.

Also, the certificates are largely nothing more than exciting checkpoints for representing progress in the curriculum. That is, they are not accredited, and provide no authentication as to a Camper’s development know-how. They are easy to manufacture, and easy to cheat. This is not a problem, because they serve little purpose outside of personal confirmation as to progress.

I do not mean to disappoint or discourage any drive to finish a section of the curriculum, and claim a certificate; the certificates are exciting to get, and, rightly, provide a positive reward for those trying. However, it is important to remember that getting one or more of them is in no way related to being a sure-fire way to get that job you always wanted.

In summary: Easy fix? Probably. Is there a hard “no, this will never happen”? Not that I have seen. Do I download/print my certificates? No, because what would I do with them. So, if someone so desires to do so, they can, albeit in not the most expected way.

Rant over :slight_smile: Just my understanding and opinion.


Theoretcial… do not actually do this…

Send me a link to your certificate and I bet I could screen capture it, photoshop it with my name instead, print it out and claim all your hard work as my own!

Now…I give someone the link to your cert which is hosted at and they see your name not mine. They know I forged it on paper.

I’d have to hack the site to change it to mine on their server, and if I have the skill to do that… then why would I even bother or care about an FCC certificate? :smiley:

My skill would be at some way higher level than the curriculum the certs are certifying. If that was the case. (My skill is not at that level, just making an example).

Much harder to forge that way.

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