Super Mario Tribute Page

Would love to get some feedback. I have been learning to code for awhile, and I decided to work on getting the fcc front-end certification to improve my chances of getting a job.

Many of the tributes I’ve checked out are for the real heroes of the world, so a Super Mario tribute is probably a little silly :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi! This tribute page is super good looking. I love the use of gradients within the pipes and the pipe-like columns in general! If I had to nitpick I’d say that the .separator-pipeEnds could use a little bit of a negative margin on the left and right to more cleanly line up with the pipe body. Other than that I’d say this is one of the most creative tributes I’ve seen so far.

@jeengland I went ahead and changed the width of the pipes, as per your suggestion. I like this revised look more. Thank you!

That is a pretty neat design, I like the pipes.

  1. I would give the typography a little more love, with so much text it becomes even more important. Pick a nice font for the body and make the font size a bit bigger. See if you can incorporate a pixel art font.

This is just an example.

<link href="|Press+Start+2P" rel="stylesheet">

body {
  font-family: 'PT Sans', sans-serif;
  font-size: 18px;
  line-height: 1.2;

h2,h3,h4 {
  font-family: 'Press Start 2P', cursive;
  1. Give the images some margin-top

@lasjorg I tried your suggestions and liked them, so I’m implementing them :slight_smile: Thanks!

@safiyc That’s awesome. I too went the silly route and made mine on QR Code

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