Super tribute page

Hi everyone,

I just started a tribute page on superheroes, I am trying to insert an image using CSS (and also HTML), however it doesn’t work. I can’t see where is the issue !!

Please come over and help me, any advice accepted :wink:

Try this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!--this is Batman-like styled-->
  <header id="container">
    <div id="title">
      <h3>Which type of <strong>superhero</strong> are you?</h3>
      <select id="superhero">
    <img src="">
  1. close the select tag
  2. Don t close the img tag
  3. Provide the source for the picture in the html file inside the img tag

super. That works now.
it was because of the <select> not closed, I’m sure !

thank you very much