Supplementary resources

Anyone have recommended resources to get job ready? obviously fcc is a start, but it doesn’t seem to encompass everything that is needed. I’m looking for anything that would specifically help me get job ready, from resources on version control, deployment, QA, as well as front end languages and frameworks. Thanks!

These two courses on Udemy make the perfect starter complement, I highly recommend doing both:
Colt Steele’s The Web Developer Bootcamp:
Brad Schiff’s Git a Web Developer Job:

Lynda’s Front-End Developer (or alternately the Full-Stack Developer) learning path:

Andrew Mead’s The Complete React Web Developer Course:

Angular or Vue:
Maximilian Schwarzmuller’s Angular 7:
Maximilian Schwarzmuller’s Vue JS 2:

This is the minimum I’d recommend just for the front-end—I’d add books and more courses for back-end, which would vary depending on the technologies. If you’re interested in MongoDB, start with the M001 course at MongoDB University (the company’s official online training).

I also recommend following FCC on LinkedIn (, since articles are posted there every so often, along with subscribing to the newsletters from CSS Tricks and Frontend Focus.

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SQL is an under-emphasized skill here, but it has a lot of enterprise applications

p1xt’s job ready guide is a good supplement to FCC in term of just bringing in more structure and additional things to learn.

Everything you want to learn, frameworks, libraries…etc, it is highly recommended that you be very familiar with their documentation. For example in itself is already a fantastic resource that provides you with all the fundamentals you need to become proficient with the angular framework.

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would you consider it important to know angular as well as react? I’m planning on learning react as part of FCC, and because alot of jobs in my area require it. I was hoping to also learn node.js to have a bit of reference into some back end stuff. I’ll definitely learn angular as well though if it’s worth my time.

It honestly depends on what kind of job you want to fill.

Start-ups and tech companies have a preference for react because it’s nimble, it’s just the view and you can couple it with all kind of 3rd party libraries, but non-tech established enterprises have a preference to couple their back-end with Angular because it has a lower developer overhead, in that it’s very structured, consistent, and has less reliance on 3rd party libraries.

What I’d pose to you is that it doesn’t matter which one you learn. Learn one well, and you can pick up the other faster if you need to.

Awesome. Thanks for your input!

Stick to one front-end framework and take the time to learn it well. If your goal is to become full-stack, learning appropriate back-end technologies will take up the rest of your time. And you’re unlikely to need to know more than one front-end framework for any one job, anyway.

While any of the front-end frameworks can be used with any back-end technologies, Angular is most popularly used with the Microsoft stack—i.e., C# and .NET. So if you’re going to learn Angular, those would be worth learning too. This would also make sense to do if you’re an avid Windows fan/user, because you won’t have any computer trouble with the tooling. Otherwise, don’t bother getting into it.

In terms of company size, Angular and .NET are commonly used together at large enterprises, while React and Vue tend to be more popular with smaller companies. So that might be a factor in your job search too.