Support for Windows Local Development

I was reading the contribution documentation and browsing this forum and there are many mentions of not supporting Windows local development natively (without WSL2). I couldn’t find in the documentation, however, why that is the case. Can someone point me to the technical reasons why Windows is not natively supported? I’m assuming this has something to do with a project dependency but would like clarification.


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The main reasons I am aware of are:

  • We use non-Windows commands rm and cp in scripts (technically, PS supports these two)
  • We use environment variables in scripts
  • Some tools do not work as expected - only one I am particularly aware of is Nodejs failing to install properly
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Honestly, WSL has gotten so easy to use* that it’s a really reasonable way to support development on any OS. Like @Sky020 said, the alternative is having to create maintain a separate set of scripts for different development environments. I’ve had to do that several times in my career and it sucks.

It’s possible that an alternative to using WSL would be to use a Bash terminal emulator (I used to use XTerm back in the day), but that would be uncharted territory and you probably wouldn’t be able to get much help.

* “Back in my day…”

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Thanks for the follow up, that makes a lot of sense. There are a lot of great documents here so I’m sure I’ll have no problems. Thanks again for satisfying my curiosity.


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