Support - Lost on portfolio

Hello guys,

Here is my problem, I am trying to create my portfolio but for some reason, I am having trouble remembering what I have learned to get to that part. Is it ok to cheat and look at tutorials or other codes to add things?

Thank you.

You won’t be able to remember everything that you’ve ever read and learned. Don’t feel bad about having to look up tutorials and the like — that’s part of the learning process. StackOverflow, the MDN network etc will become your very good friends :).

What I would recommend you against doing is looking up information and copying the code into your work without understanding it.

Let’s say you had a task where you had to iterate over an array. It’s one thing to say to yourself “I know to accomplish this challenge I need to iterate over this array. What’s the syntax for writing a for loop in JS again”. VS. just copying and pasting a solution you find on StackOverflow.

The first shows that you’ve understood the problem and that you are still new to the language so the syntax isn’t committed to memory yet. The second doesn’t show this understanding of the problem or how to attack it.

Hope this helps a bit


This is exactly what I did for the Weather App, I just didn’t know where to start to debug what I had done or go further. Then I let it sit for a few days and went back at it, from scratch. And I really learned something. After that I didn’t need a tutorial like that (I mean that shows everything about a specific project).

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