Support on Javascript

HI everybody, I have been doing the JS course and some great people have offered help.
I am struggling to understand what exactly some of the JS code does and how it works.
I have read that it might be a good idea to also learn through doing projects that explain what the code does and how it works in the background.

Im looking for any good suggestions, any free material that I can read and do.
many thanks.

what you can do:

  • keep an eye on #curriculum-help:javascript and answer the best you can to people
  • consult documentation for methods and syntax for which you have doubts
  • try different sources, [following suggestions are free, and easily googlable, there is much more if you are willing to pay], like some books (You Don’t Know JavaScript, Eloquent JavaScript), courses on youtube or coursera, or also Just JavaScript, Mozilla Developer’s Network Docs, etc
  • practice, practice, practice: Interview Prep Section here on fcc,,, Hacker Rank, etc