Survery Form Done... Please tear it apart gently

’m currently working mostly on learning Javascript but to take a break, I took this challenge on. I would say my biggest weakness at this point is not being a visual person. In my normal life I study Music Education so I’m normally focused on conceptual (non-visual) things.

I would love feedback about the page in particular but also any advice on how to improve as a designer.

Thank you so much!

Caleb Taylor

You said tribute page but linked a survey form :frowning:

Oh my god xD… I completed these fairly close together… SO embarrassed.

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Hi there. I like the colours. Nice and subtle. Two things I’d change would be to make the questions font a bit larger. Perhaps make it bigger than the answer and placeholders in input boxes. Also try adding more space below the submit button. It kind of blends in with my task bar so close to the bottom.

Happy coding :slight_smile:

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