Survey (fitness) form feedback


I completed the Survey Form project and would like some feedback if possible. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Hey Andres,

awesome work! :+1:

Nothing to add so far.
Looks good, clean UI and good spacing!

Keep up the great work!

@rolonvan, the HTML is a copy of the sample page.

When creating the projects it’s best to start out with a blank page and fulfill the user stories one at a time using your own code.
Your form would not be considered original work.

I thought the structure was supposed to be the same. I did use the same class names because I don’t have enough experience to know what is best practice , so I understand what you are saying. I never claimed this was original work, I’m trying to learn, not trying to sell this as my own. That last line in your comment is demotivating.

In the instructions for each of the projects it says your page should be “functionally similar”. The samples show just one way the project can be completed.

If you’re working towards the RWD certification there is an academic honesty pledge that you will sign that has information about your own work.
The last line was not meant to be demotivating. The projects aren’t just another challenge. Each one is meant to be a significant step in your progress. Every project you do will require research, planning, trial and error, and strengthening your skills beyond what you gain from the incremental challenges.

When you present a project asking for feedback people are going to assume that you’re presenting original work.

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Again, I get it. My point is that I never intended to be dishonest, i didn’t copy and paste the HTML. I wouldn’t have put this out publicly knowing that I was doing something wrong.

You have pointed out an academic honesty pledge so I don’t know what you want me to do. If i change the HTML, it doesn’t change the fact that it happened. Do I just give up on the course? I don’t want to receive a certificate if this was considered dishonest.

You can redo the project.

If you’ve submitted the link to your project to FCC you can go back into the pen and delete everything (except for the test script) in the HTML and CSS sections and start the project fresh.
Once completed you won’t need to resubmit the link because the URL is the same.

If you want to start a new pen for this project then fork the sample page so you have the test script and complete the project starting fresh.
Once completed, submit this new URL to FCC.

Don’t give up. I’m not judging you and neither is anyone else. I was only pointing something out to you.
Good luck and happy coding. I look forward to seeing your completed project.

So great you are! Don’t give up. You are my enengry. I will keep fitness as what you do.

Don’t give up! You are doing great, stay fit and healthy as always!