Survey for health condition

do you have a question? what do yo want to obtain from this post?
help? feedback? please specify

i want to know how to specify a place or email where the details will be submitted

and also i want this my post available on google search, i want it approved please

for that you need to specify an action attribute on the form element, but you also need more knowledge than this, continue with the fcc curriculum and learn about JavaScript and then about backend, and you will be able to do what you want with the form data

all of the forum is indexed on google, I don’t understand your request

this link when searched on google doesnt display

FCC isn’t in charge of Google search results, and it isn’t in charge of CodePen, this isn’t how things work. If your specific pen isn’t appearing in Google search results, then it hasn’t been indexed by Google’s systems yet. That has nothing to do with FCC.

That has to be on a computer somewhere (a server). There are hundreds of services that will do this, and as @ilenia says, part of the FCC curriculum teaches you about building server-side applications that can do this. Note that CodePen will stop you doing this (harvesting emails) as soon as they figure out you’re trying to do it, for what should be very obvious reasons. CodePen is an application that lets you create and share small demos of HTML/CSS/JS, it’s not a hosting service. i need an example on action link in form element

Here’s one example from the lessons.
Have you tried searching and found something you didn’t understand? If so maybe show what you’ve found and ask questions.

thanks i understand ,very well then

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