Survey form and Tribute Page review


I have completed the Survey Form and Tribute page.

Would appreciate it if I could get some feedback.

Here are the links:
Tribute page:
Survey form:

Not bad.

For both pages I would suggest moving the font-family declaration to the body selector. No need to have it on the universal selector.

For the tribute page:

First off I like the colors you picked. I would give the image just a bit of rounded corners because the image is not square you end up with the egg shape which looks a little strange in my opinion. I would also give the <li> elements some more bottom margin and maybe increase the line-height on the body a bit. I’d also style the link color.

For the form page:

You have a mismatch between the for attribute on the age label and input, (label has for="age", input has id="number"). There is a bit of an alignment issue with the radio buttons. I’d add cursor: pointer; to the submit button and use resize: vertical; on the textarea.

All in all, I’d say you did a good job.


Hi @ericlyv

Well done. Both the projects are simple and responsive.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback. Really appreciate it. You have pointed out some errors that I didn’t notice.:smile: