Survey Form - Brazilian Elections 2018 [Feedback Welcome]

Hey guys,

I just finish my Survey Form project. It is about the Brazilian Elections in 2018!

I hope you enjoy it!! Feedbacks are welcome!!!

This is the link:



I wish I could answer in Portuguese but since this is an international forum I’m gonna stick with English anyway HUEHUE

Technically the page looks fine. I don’t like using fieldset , the legends never stay where they should be. I’d set each field using divs instead. And there’s something going on when I resize the window to the minimum and try to select Bolsonaro which candidate I would vote for - the drop-down box looks tiny, but the other boxes are fine. Don’t know what it is but it gets back to normal if I increase the width of the window a bit.

Despite these little details, I see you got it right about HTML. Good job!

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Hey mitestainer,

Yes, we practice our English and our Programming Skills all together! Huehueheue!!

Thank you very much for your feedback, it is really important to me!

  • About the ‘fieldset’ I agree that it is not the best visual use. But I used it to practice.
  • About the Drop-Down frame, I resize it to looks bigger. I didn’t find that problem to select Bolsonaro. Could you check if it is solved for you too?

If you have the time, please check the changes and tell me if you agree.


I understand you’re using fieldset so that you can practice how to use it, but wrapping all the content inside a fieldset is kind of a deprecated practice. Fieldsets don’t respond well to styling; instead, divs work and look better, and they actually do the same thing in the end…

I took two screenshots so that you can see what is going on with the dropdown menu:

The dropdown for selecting BolsoHUE and the other candidates is shorter than the others, and I couldn’t figure out why this is happening. And you can also see that there’s a fieldset popping out of the main div. However, as I change the window width, this issues disappear.

Again, these are little details, you can decide whether to dig deeper and fix them or not as you already got the basics pretty well: the page is responsive and all the inputs work.


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Thankksssss you very much, now I understood!!!

When the width is really thin the fieldset doesn’t work really well, now I see!! I think I will try to fix it in the future.

Thannk you very much for your attention!!


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No problem, I’m happy to help!

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AWESOME! <3. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks you very much!! :slight_smile:

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