Survey Form- Build a Survey Form feedback

Greetings, I’ve finished the challenge and I’d love your input about it. Also If possible a little on how to align the text above, the form and the submit button together.

Thank you in beforehand

edit: to clarify that the project is a codepen link


In your cordiality class you’ve got the text to align left. Change that to center. The margin in that as well when I commented that out It centered the text but it still looks off to me. Found it. In the survey box class take out the margin and then add justify-content: center; that will center the form to the page. Probably want to add padding to the bottom of the text at the top so there’s some space between them. Tried a few tricks but couldn’t get the submit button to center but at least you’ve got a few things to fix :slight_smile:

Okay do what I mentioned above and add this to the submit class

display: block;
margin: auto;

woah! thank you so much for your input. It looks much better now. thank you

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You’re very welcome happy to help.

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