Survey Form - Build a Survey Form

“What sneaker brands do you like? (Check all that apply)” DOES NOT APPEAR - PLEASE TELL ME WHY

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<!-- file: index.html -->
<!DOCTYPE html>

  <title>Survey Form</title>
  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" />
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">
  <h1 id="title">The Sneaker Survey</h1>
  <p id="description">Have fun!</p>

  <form id="survey-form">
      <label id="name-label">Name <input id="name" class="name" type="text" placeholder="Enter Your Name" required /></label>
      <label id="email-label">Email <input id="email" class="email" type="email" placeholder="Enter Your Email" required /></label>
      <label id="number-label">Age(optional) <input id="number" class="number" type="number" min="10" max="99" placeholder="0" /></label>
      <label for="Number-of-Sneakers">How many pairs of sneakers do you have? 
      <input id="number" type="number" name="age" min="1" max="120" /></label>

      <label>What kind of sneaker release do you prefer? </label>
      <select id="dropdown" required>
       <option hidden>Select</option>
       <option value="FCFS"> FCFS</option>
       <option value="Raffle"> Raffle</option>
       <option value="Midnight Release"> Midnight Release</option>
       <option value="Camp"> Camp</option>
       <option value="Call the plug"> Call the plug</option>
<label>What sneaker brands do you like? (Check all that apply)
         <input type="checkbox" class="check" value="Nike"> Nike
         <input type="checkbox" class="check" value="Adidas"> Adidas
         <input type="checkbox" class="check" value="New Balance"> New Balance
         <input type="checkbox" class="check" value="Asics"> Asics
         <input type="checkbox" class="check" value="Puma"> Puma
         <input type="checkbox" class="check" value="Saucony"> Saucony

         <label> Why do you love sneakers ? 
         <textarea name="text" rows="3" cols="40" placeholder="Answer here...">
         <input required type="submit" value="submit" id="submit">


/* file: styles.css */

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Challenge: Survey Form - Build a Survey Form

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i don’t see the closing tag for your select?

Try to check the syntax of your code as you write it (make sure html elements are written out in full with opening and closing tags etc)

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Jinkies! I have to remember syntax and open/close my tags. Thank you!

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