Survey Form - Build a Survey Form

Hello, I started to do this project thinking I was gonna make a form of my choosing, but the parameters of the challenge make you use titles like survey form when I was gonna do a different form entirely. So I scrapped that and started over doing a survey form. My question is how do I link a photo to use for my background inside the built in editor? I can use notepad ++ and use a photo on my computer, but on the website unless I use one of the photos already used in other lessons it won’t put it in my preview window. Can I link a photo of my choosing or am I stuck using a solid color background?

If you’re trying to use a photo saved in a folder on your computer then thats not going to work. You need to use a image hosting site that gives you a url to use for the image

You can link your own background image to your stylesheet!

You may have to host the file yourself on a third party website.

Thank you, that worked