Survey Form - can't find mistake

Good morning! I have two problems with my survey curriculum activity.

1- I only pass 16 out of 17 tests but i can’t find what the mistake is.

2- I can’t make the image appear on my survey form. I only see the whiye background and this makes the h1 and p at the beginning not to show up.

The link to the survey is the following:

Thank you in advance.

Hello there,

The test errors are usually very helpful:

#number-label is not defined : expected null to not equal null

I cannot see it defined anywhere…

You have a few spelling mistakes:

backgorund: var(--color-orange);

Hope this helps

Hello Sky! Nice to meet you! You were very helpful! Yesterday night I checked my codes three times and I couldn’t find the mistakes. I didn’t know how to check what I was missing from the test corrector (i don’t know if that’s the name).
I have learnt a lot this week and I learnt something else today. Thank you again and hope to learn more.