Survey form can't pass the test

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In the original challenge, there were only 16 tests to be cleared but in actual, there are 17 tests to be cleared for passing, can somebody plz update that one pending test on the challenge page.

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IPL Survey Form

We will go through some questions in order to understand trend of IPL


Who is your most favourite player of IPL

MS Dhoni
Virat Kohli

Which aspects would you love in your favourite team(Select any three aspects only)

Explosive Opener
Mystery Spinner
Intelligent Captain
Elite Finisher
Slower ball specialist
Perfect ALL-Rounder

Any advice for your team to improve their perfomance:

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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@pardeshishivam Can you post the link to your Code Pen? There are only 16 User Stories/tests needed to be met in order to pass.

plz do suggest nikki

click on 16/17 to see which tests are not passing, below the failed test there is an error message that is usially useful in figuring out what to change

it’s not the extra test (which is about technologies you are using) that is failig

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ok I got it, thanks btw earlier I was worried about which part of my code was failing, so I was cross-checking each challenge, which was very time-consuming.
The mistake which I made was that my type for email was a text so it wasn’t formatted correctly. so I changed my type to email, now it is working fine.

now you know how to check the tests output!

happy coding!