Survey Form Challenge - Feedback is Welcome

Please let me know if you have any feedback on design. I tried to find a script to help me hide the check boxes until a radio button was selected but nothing I tried work. Any ideas in that realm would be helpful :slight_smile:

It passed all tests and appears to be responsive to mobile.

Well done! Your survey form as well as the the page both are responsive. You are scoring full marks as well. However, Your page needs a good color scheme. Great job!

Thank you! I plan to update the color scheme once I spend some time away from the project for a bit.

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Would you feedback my project?

Dear Satantric,

Just checked your work, and as I check the layout first, I found ir faulty and broken for tablet size screen, please check:

Same for mobile, when screen goes small (considering a 5" screen), please check:

Label for age text field is broke, same for the combobox. please fix.
radio and checkbox buttons come with associated label tag, very good.

You set placeholder for textfield, textarea and a default disabled option for combobox, very good.

I suggest you select light background colour for your form.

I think if you fix the layout, itโ€™s all perfect.

You may also have a quick read over this survey form challenge walkthrough article which comes with some explanation, tip and code samples could help you fix the layout much better and easier.

keep working on great work, happy programming.

Thank you! Iโ€™ll be making the recommended changes. How did you determine the labels for the age field and the combo box were broken?

Itโ€™s easy, label tag would forward tap/click to its associated input. For example when you click/tap on label of a radio button, then radio button should be selected. Same for the text fields and other input elements.

Late you can get some help of JS and label tag to build cool radio buttons, like this very simple one.

Keep going on great work, no rush, build great stuffs, you can. happy programming.