Survey Form Challenge (feedbacks, please!=] )

Hey everybody!

I’ve just finish my second challenge here at FFC, the Survey Form Challenge and I would like to have some feedback from you guys. Thank you very much in advance!

my project---->

I have also some doubts, if someone could help me, I would be thankful!
I’ve marked the name and e-mail text boxes as required, but I didn’t receive any alert when I tried to submit without filling them. Is it just because I don’t have any file to recieve the data, or is there some error on my code?

As well, I am having trouble on making my page responsible for small screens, what could I make to work it look better?

The picture on the background, I would like to make it smaller as well, cause it looses quality. I would like to addapt it to the size of the entire page, but I don’t know how to do it.

Thank you very much in advance! :blush: :pray:

Happy coding and have a nice weekend all!

This looks really good, well done! Required field on the form inputs is fine, just tried submitting without input and got the notification on the input box, all you should expect to see is ‘Please fill in this field’.

Looks fine on smaller screens to me? In general css grids is the core thing you want to use for responsiveness but this is a simple 2d layout so you don’t really need it on this particular project. Would definitely recommend implementing css grids on the product landing page project and personal portfolio though.

Not sure what you mean exactly with the image if you want higher quality you just need to use a higher resolution image. Your code is fine though.

Favourite thing about the project is the effort that’s gone into it :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot for all your advices, Mike!! :pray: :blush: I’m glad you find it nice. I’ll use the grid on the next projects. :wink:

All the best!

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