Survey form challenge only uploading to 40% and

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My survey form challenge link is: I’m passing all the tests, but when I attempt to submit my link at FCC, it gets stuck at 40%. Ideas? Upload attempts with Chrome and Safari.

As well, I’m practicing now with flexbox. Two issues:

  1. In order to make the columns in my rows line up, I’ve added margin padding. I have a feeling it’s not a very stable solution. ??
  2. I wanted to try and make the page small-screen friendly. Below 600px, instead of 2 columns, I wanted just one. However, even when I change the function of .row class in the media query area, I can’t get everything into one column. When I remove .row from the normal flow, it lines up. (Which is why I thought manipulating .row in the media query was the answer) Adding display.block or display:flex with columns in the outer container does nothing. Stumped for sure.

I appreciate any ideas . Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


There doesn’t seem to be an issue with your code.
The progress bar gets stuck at 40% coz this is the 2nd project among the five Responsive Web Design projects. Since you must have completed just two of those, the progress is 40% only. You need to click on ‘Submit and go to the next challenge’. When you complete the third project, the progress bar will move to 60% and so on. It will finally be 100% once you complete all the five projects.


Thank you for that clarification! Cheers.

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