Survey Form Checklist & Survey for the Survey Form

Hello everybody,
I have provided a checklist for the Survey Form Project, in addition to completing the project below it.
I am dyslexic, so it was difficult for me to read the User Story List.
Please let me know what you think!
Specifically, I am concerned with how others read and understand the checklist.
Wondering if each bullet represents the User Stories as they were originally published.

See the Pen FCC: Survey Form by Maggie (@Mrs_MMAdams) on CodePen.


Very cool and a great idea. Which font/colour combinations did you find worked best. I work with visually impaired kids, creating accessible materials (print and digital) and will be branching into ‘dyslexia-friendly’ formats in the near future. I’ve been looking at fonts called ‘OpenDyslexic’ and ‘Dyslexie’ which are weighted and slanted to prevent confusion with letters such as d & b. My son also has dyspraxia & dyslexia so it’s an area close to my heart.

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Thank you ! I have dysgraphia too, and just relooked at this list and noticed several errors in my sentences. Having ADHD and OCD doesn’t help either. LOL. Everything needs to be short and to the point, with non repetitive language. Reading “User Story” and “I can see” over and over again was like an explosion in my chest making it hard to focus and read through.

Also thanks! I didn’t know there were fonts out there for us! I have always favored Arial, Arial Black, Tahoma, Courier New and Sans-serif. But, I will be looking into the fonts you mentioned.

I plan on creating and using this checklist format for each project I complete.

In regards to colors scheme, colors with a pastel tones are better than bright colors. My computer is also dimmed so that blacks and whites aren’t as bright.

Also icons and numbered lists helps to refocus my attention.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, I am actually a virtual assistant and look for ways to improve my productivity. Designing materials that make it easier to perform is something I would be very interested in!

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my first fCC project.

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Extra ordinary effort :smile: I like check box effect, font, color combinations and off course layout. Well Done ! Thank you for doing and sharing this. Kudos to you:ok_hand:

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No problem. It’s an area that I am really interested in: “The point where usability and accessibility converge.” I didn’t know about how the constant repetition of words can cause stress.

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Thank you, I appreciate your feedback.

Fantastic idea! Provides much inspiration, also very easy to read

Wow :astonished: this is something to aim for. Super job, definitely makes me want step my game up. How long did it take you to do this?