Survey form, Could you please give me feedback

Give me your honest opinion on what I can improve.

Survey Form

Thank you.

  • When using the keyboard I cannot see the focus indicator on the radio/checkbox inputs.
  • Do not set height/width on the submit button in px units. As I increase the font size ‘Submit’ gets cutoff because of this.
  • When I mouse hover over the submit button it goes completely black
  • Indicate graphically which fields are required
  • Make the mouse cursor a pointer when hovering over radio/checkbox inputs and submit button
  • Using <br> to create line breaks is sort of considered bad form. Use CSS instead.

Hello @bbsmooth,

  • Focus indicator was there by default. I changed the color to orangish.
  • I don’t know why I used height/width, but I changed it to padding.
  • About the mouse hover I guess it your browser’s default CSS but I added a style to change the background to grey and text color to white
  • I added a mouse cursor pointer on radio/checkbox inputs and submit button
  • I used content: "\A" in CSS to add line breaks

This was a good learning process for me. (could you check it one more time?)

Thank you.