Survey Form - D&D Survey


I finished working on the survey form & would love any feedback!
The code for the form is on github and the page is viewable here.

The basic idea is a form to connect up D&D players based on their game play style preferences. Eventually I think it would be really neat to develop up further into an actual functioning app/service, but that’s definitely above my skill level for now.

It’s pretty cool. I would use a different placeholder text instead of “Acolyte” in the preferred background input, as I found it confusing.

You might consider updating the style (colors, fonts, border-styles, etc), as I found the overall impression to be very “1996.” (maybe you’re going for retro, though?) Also, there is a link to flaticon in the footer, but I don’t see any icons used–do you really need to include that?

By the way–Gary G?–well played :slight_smile:

Thank you!
I was going for a bit of a retro vibe, trying to tap into some old-school D&D vibes.
I did pick kind of an odd placeholder for the background input, so that’s a great catch. I’ll definitely switch that out.
As far as the flaticon link goes, it’s actually the credit for the favicon :slight_smile: