Survey Form Design Help

Hi everybody, I was hoping I could get some feedback on my survey form. I’m mostly happy with it but I feel like it’s lacking a certain visual distinction between some of the content. For example, I feel like the part where it says “What are your favorite aspects of the game? (Check all that apply)” is kind of visually lost between the radio buttons and checkboxes if that makes any sense. I tried a few different font colors in an effort to make it more distinguishable from the rest of the content but it was kind’ve difficult to find another color that worked well with the red/black color scheme. Maybe I should just increase the spacing instead?

Anyways, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

I agree. I’m not the best at design but I’ll give you something to look at .

For the most part all the questions in the form just plod along one after the next. (Maybe “plod” isn’t the best word but I think you know what I mean.) Why not try offsetting the sections from one another. For instance;

  1. wrap a div around the personal info so that you can style that section
  2. research what fieldset is and what it can do for you

These are just a couple of simple things you can try at first.

Edit: While I understand looking at the example projects you should start with a blank canvas and write your own code no longer referencing the example. It’s hard modifying someone’s code, taking bits and pieces, and making it work.

Maybe a font color of white?