Survey Form - Developers Survey


I’m new in web development, this is my second project, I really appreciate some feedback.


Thank you for your time.

Overall, a very nice effort. Just a few minor suggestions:

  • The black text at the top is hard to read on that background. At the least I think you need to make it completely black and bold for all the text in the header. But really, you probably need to add a background like you did for the form.
  • If you need to set a height on the text inputs, use ‘em’ instead of ‘px’. That way it scales nicely when the text size is increased.
  • Use fieldset/legend elements for the radio button and check box groupings (this will help with accessibility):
  • Add ‘line-height’ to your content so that the vertical spacing between the content lines isn’t so great.
  • Change the width of your Submit button to 'em’s instead of a percentage. You want the button to grow wider as the text size increases.
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Hi! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I have seen your project) Looks nice)

However, I was able to submit a form with email “abc@a”.
Apparently, you’ve just made it so that an email contains an at symbol! See standard email format (there are standardized requirements for emails), and this could make your regexp better!

Hope it helps! Cheerz!

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