Survey form (Dite)

Hi there, so I’ve just joined the forum, I’ve submitted this challenge a while ago with just bare html but I’ve decided to go through all the projects again and give them some style and sass lol. I’d love some feedback for my survey form :slight_smile:

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It looks a lot better. My last gripe would be that the placeholder text should be indented a little. I’d give all those fields a class and then apply a padding-left to them.

Done! Thanks for the feedback!

@Dite, your form looks good. Some things to revisit;

  • Make it so users can click on the labels, not just the radio buttons/checkboxes
  • You have a duplicate class attribute on line 12,
    <input class="placeholder" id="email" name="email" type="email" class="input-field" required placeholder="Enter Your Email">

When you submit your projects to FCC they should include the tests

Just wanted to point out that none of your labels work. They all need a ‘for’ attribute pointing to the id of their respective input.

Thanks, I realized that myself when Roma replied. I wrote the html a while ago and not really checked it. I’ll correct it all later today.

All labels now sorted! Also played a bit more with the css, just a few final touches.