Survey Form: Do You Want To Make Money Playing Video Games?

Hi programmers,

Today I present you my FCC - Survey Form, please check it out and tell me how can I improve it. Here’s the link:

Thank you and I wish you a superb day.


Hi @Ulzahk, your form looks good.
The only thing I would say is don’t use the <br> element to force spacing. You can use margin and/or padding in CSS.

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I already made the changes, using padding instead
labels makes the web page look better.
Thank you @Roma.

definitely good. I like it

Hello @Ulzahk. I’ve created a video with some feedback on your project hope you like it :slight_smile:

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Yours looks so much better than mine. :crazy_face: :+1:

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Thank you for including this project on the video Alex.

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Due to my work in marketing sphere, I am doing a lot of surveys and I could tell you that you’ve done everything pretty well from the survey point. It is simple, not that much questions (even if you could make more but it’s ok), anyways it is getting you to the right result. My personal opinion is that you should change a bit the design, the survey is more than a retro style, so you have 2 methods, or to include more details on the page, or change the style and make it more minimalistic. The rest is great.

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Thanks for your feedback Joanne, I will try to do better designs for future projects.