Survey form: Element not spanning columns

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As the title says cant get my element to span two columns. I’ve been stuck on this for days. I’m new to css grids and I dont know what the issue is. I’ve read the documentation, I’ve looked at past freecodecamp lessons again and again, I’ve looked at stack exchange, and nothing.

Solutions I’ve tried:

Made width of grid 100%
span: 1/ -1
span 1/3
changed grid-template-column to 1fr 1fr
inspected element to see if rows were even being created (they are)

I know it’s something simple but I cant figure out what it is. Please help!

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You start your form after your grid, so the entire form is going into the first cell of the grid. Start the grid inside the form.

This works! I knew it was something small and silly but this is really…anyway thank you so much for helping me! :hugs: