Survey Form errors

Hey, could anyone help me with the 3 errors I’m still getting on this test? Also, if there’s anything I could do to make it prettier, let me know haha <3


The first two errors mean that you didn’t make the input required:

The third error is because you’re required to add a textarea element, but you did not include any:

As for the prettier part… this is so subjective :stuck_out_tongue:… The only thing I note is that more contrast between the background and the font color would be better :slight_smile:. More spacing would improve it too (for instance, between the top and bottom of the box containing the form).

Search online for surveys to get inspiration :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sorry, I’m a bit confused. I figured how to correct the last error already (thaaaanks for your help) but I still didn’t get what inputs should I be using in the first two errors?

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Oh, OK :slight_smile:

The errors mention that you need to make the inputs, whose id attribute are name and email, mandatory. This means that you need to add the required attribute to the mentioned inputs:

<!-- Extract from your code -->
<input id="name"
       placeholder="Enter your name"

Does it help?

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