Survey Form evaluation

If you could evaluate my survey form, please.
Thank you!

Hey, just a few things to point out:

  • The label on the select drop down isn’t working correctly. The for attribute on the label needs to point to the id on the select. Same issue for the textarea at the bottom.
  • None of the labels on the radio buttons/check boxes are working correctly. You’ll need to give those inputs ids so you can set the for attribute properly on the labels.
  • Don’t use the br element to create new lines between elements. The br element does have some legitimate uses (not many though) but using them to create new lines between elements is not one of them. Use CSS to do this instead. You might also need to add helper divs, which is perfectly acceptable.
  • The primary content of your page, which is everything between the header and footer should be wrapped in a main element. This is a best practice for accessibility.
  • I’m seeing a consistent horizontal scroll bar at all widths. Granted, it doesn’t scroll much, but I think you should get rid of it.

But overall, great job. We don’t get to see a lot of finished projects like this since FCC moved to the new format. Thanks for sharing.

@bbsmooth all fixed.
Thank you for pointing out!

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