Survey Form - Favorite Book

I think I am ready to post my second project

It is quite minimalist, but it contains everything I wanted to try so I hope it is OK :pray:

Feedback is warmly welcomed as usual :+1:

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thereโ€™s nothing wrong with simple,
the essence is that really matters, know how to css the layout.
it like my survey form also, but after learned something new, i added to my code, just to added some โ€˜cosmeticsโ€™ on it,.
you can do it while working on next projects.

only one thing i like to suggest, to add some padding inside the input element, so the text have some to breath.

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Thank you for the suggestion :bowing_man:
It is much better with padding indeed!

Good looking form @lancelote. I like that you used placeholder text correctly.

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Thank you for taking a look :pray: