Survey Form (fCC) – feedback

This was my Tribute Page. (Thanks again to people who provided feedback, especially @snowmonkey!) I’ve tried my best to apply the advice and make my HTML more semantic in this survey.

I would really appreciate some feedback!

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This is cute!
But I’m a cat person. So I was surprised to find a required 3 dogs.
It looks good though.

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Thank you!
I based it on the fact that we have, at the moment, 3 wonderful dogs. :blush: (We really wanted a cat, too, but the apartment is too small for that, so maybe in future!)

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I understand, though two cats are plenty for us (As one stands here demanding treats).

Anyway it was unexpected to have to enter 3. Perhaps just make sure it is at least 1 (greater than 0) and you’ll pass the test.

Oh, it already passed the test + I have another min-max (0-100) range for the previous question.
This one is intentional. :slight_smile:

Oh, okay. Great.

Have fun!

Really well thought and well executed.
more power to you.

Looks good. Small note - your bottom links become almost unreadable in their hover state. Maybe try and find a suitable alternative color for the a:hover attribute? Always a good idea to have accessibility in the back of your mind when laying out and colouring sites.

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Very much like the page, and the use of semantic tags is very well handled. :wink:

Love the subtle effect of mousing over each fieldset, very nice and intuitive. One thing (and this is not a “good” or “bad”, simply seeing different takes on the same thing), When I think document header, I think h1’s, or logo, or that stuff. Stuff that remains pretty constant across pages.

Personally, I might move the div you have in the header (the one containing the form description), and move it into a section tag at the beginning of the main. Structurally, it makes sense – the header is kept consistent across the site, and the information specific to this page of the site is contained within the main.

Again, not a right or wrong. I think the page is beautifully crafted, and my comment is purely a matter of personal taste.


@Saleem07 Thank you!

@Ascii Thank you for noticing & pointing it out! I completely forgot to change that colour when I changed the background colour. That doesn’t only fail the contrast minimum, I can barely read it myself and my vision is good. :disappointed: Thanks again!

@snowmonkey Thank you for the encouragement :smile: I’m glad you consider this an improvement from the last time! Re: header, I do see your point, I’ll keep it in mind when coming up with a page structure next time! Oh, and thank you for appreciating the hover effect, I wasn’t sure if I could make it helpful without being “flashy” or distracting.