Survey Form - Feedback and bottom white strip

Hi all. I am touching up on my survey form. There is one problem i couldn’t figure out…

survey form

I wanted to enclose the whole form with pink background, but somehow there is a strip of white at the bottom.

Appreciate if someone can explain/advise, based on my html/css inputs, how the white strip came about. Need the strip to be pink. Not remove.


If I push the button analyze html in codepen then there are a few issues.

The ‘action’ attribute is required for elements.
‘type:“submit”’ is not a valid attribute of the element.
The id ‘dropdown’ appears more than once in the document.

Further more you could try to elobarate a little bit more on the new html5 courses by using the fieldset element in the form for the radio buttons and checkboxes, although that’s what I did in my survey form. You could try to not use the list elements for the radio buttons because there exists better and neater solutions to what you have solved and getting the radio on top of eachother.

I don’t know for sure but somewhere I read that classes are used to style elements the most. The id property is used for javascript and individual elements. And the elements are just used for markup.

The margin property is used to set the margin of the divs and in the div surveycontent you specified a margin around it, if you set the margin around to 0 the margin at the left, right and bottom will disapear.

To solve your problem whit white stripe just add height:100;

#survey {
  background-color: pink;