Survey Form - feedback appreciated

So, here’s my attempt. No JS (except of bundle), no Bootstrap, no jQuery and so on, just plain HTML and CSS.

Any feedback and/or suggestions are welcomed.

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hello Julian,

Just checked you work, and I would say it’s a great work indeed! very good.

No any missing label for input elements, very good.

Layout is responsive, great. But I think for mobile view, you could apply less padding for the form and main.

I suggest you center form elements for mobile view, same use red border over that red X when input is missed, or invalid.

By default radio “Standard [7 business days]” is selected, just wanted to note, if it’s okay and expected, so nothing.

Adding very small more space between checkbox buttons and radio buttons could be good for mobile view.

I say this is a very good job, perfect.

Keep going on great work, happy programming.

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Hello! Thank you for your detailed feedback :slight_smile:

Regarding default radio selection - yup, it is expected, I just thought that since it was a “standard” there was no need to make user click this . They only have to click if they want one of “non-standard” options.