Survey Form feedback/criticism

Would really appreciate some feedback on the survey form I completed below. Its my first and I spent a bit of time on it. I’m not sure if I am applying best practice to HTML and CSS, so any constructive help is welcomed ( how to optimise, getting out of bad habits etc) It did pass all the tests.

Two things I struggled with:

  • Getting radio buttons aligned with their labels. I just put the elements in that div in a grid layout and sorted it out that way. I’m sure there was an easier way but that just came to mind.

  • Trying to use media-query to reduce the size of survey-form margin. I wanted to put a media query in to reduce the size of the left and right margins on the form gradually once the screen hit 550px in width, so the form content wouldn’t be squished as the screen got smaller. I couldn’t work it out. Maybe there is a better way??..

        @media (max-width:550px){

   /*when screen-size is 550px or less gradually 
   reduce left and right margins so form content fits the screen better*/


Thanks for reading, link to project below.

** Link