Survey Form Feedback - Dog Adoption Form

Hello everyone!

I’ve just finished my Survey Form project and would love to get some feedback and suggestions.
I chose to do different type of form rather than a survey, but that doesn’t really change the main idea. This was my first time using CSS Flexbox, so I know there is still a lot of work needed, but it does work somehow.

Thank you for your time!

Project link -

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I found a problem…
From Chrome 64 on Mac

It would also be nice to add a “success” page, so the visitor would know that their form submission went through. E.G:
“Your order has been placed. Please allow some time for us to choose the right dog for you” or something like that.

Other than that…
The colors are a little bright, and the shadow on the header text looks a little 90s-like with the shadow. The text might be a little hard to read, and mobile device support would be nice. Other than that, great site!

EDIT: You might want to record the date programmatically instead of asking the user for it. That can get very tedious, and you can get the date from JavaScript.

Thanks for the feedback! Some great suggestions there, I will sure add them to the form. The date was more about having a more than one dropdown selector, rather than a functionality but can be done that way aswell!