Survey Form feedback- Help me!

How do I meet these criteria please?

  1. Inside the form element, I am presented with a button with id=“submit” to submit all my inputs. (did this but its not working)
  2. How do I make my input fields to position below the headings.

Hello there.

  1. Remember, most programming language syntax is case sensitive. Hint: Your id is supposed to be submit not Submit
  2. It might be easier to replace a few <td> with <label> elements, and target them with a CSS class.

Hope this helps

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Wow, true, case sensitivity! I got it now. Thanks so much for this hint!

I havent figured out number 2, though.

Just use the br tag after each thing, so that you return to a new line

Have tried that and it isnt

hm what if in css, you give the inputs id a width of 100% ? eg:
width: 100%;

okay , will try it out. Thanks


Don’t use a <br> tag to force line breaks. Use CSS
Plus, you don’t use <br> in a table.

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thank you for explaining !!

Thank you, dear. Noted!