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Hello all

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated:

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First, the survey forms looks really nice from a design perspective, the only thing I might add for design purposes is a placeholder for the comments or suggestion section.

From an UX/UI standpoint, I might add * either before or after name, email, age to indicate they are required fields.

Code wise your check boxes are not functioning consistently. That is, if I click on the text for “cinema” rather than the checkbox it checks the checkbox next to sports, same thing happens with camping and eating out (ie they both will check sports instead of their respective boxes if you click on the text. This likely occurs all the input and labels for the checkboxes are all for="inlineCheckbox1" and all the id for those labels are "inlineCheckbox1" should work if you give them unique IDs and adjust for labels accordingly.

Finally, regarding the responsiveness for somereason from about 768 px to about 990px your survey form’s width scales down a lot, but then expands again once your below 768px or above 990px. So it seems that you may need to tweak the width number in that range because as it is right now seems to be a bit unintended.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. It seems I missed a few things and I will take a look at this asap.

I also appreciate the design and uix comments greatly because, let’s face it, that’s what it’s all about!