Survey Form Feedback :) - Javi's Roman Survey

Hello Campers!

I am having a blast doing these projects even though sometimes they drive me nut. I have been reading a history book so I decided to make this silly form and have fun with it:

The radio buttons seem to be really small :frowning: Not sure how to change it! This is actually the second form I make because they other one was too messy, and this issue did not come up. Any hints?

I am not grasping the concept of media queries very well if I am honest, how could I incorporate them into my page?

If you have any other feedback I’d more than appreciate it. I am on week 2 of my coding journey and I know I have much more to learn. Thank you all for your time! :smiley:

They look fine to me:

The contrast is a bit low though. Maybe try light colors over that dark brown background instead of black.

Hmmmm I opened up my pen in a different computer and the radio buttons looked fine. I’ll open it up in my computer later to see what’s up.

Thank you for your suggestion on the contrast, I went ahead and changed the colour and it does look much better.