Survey Form FEEDBACK (Jedidiah Voting Systems)

Hi everyone, here’s my Survey Form Project. Your inputs will be appreciated!

@Jedidiah Amazing work!

I love your design and how you used boxes to make each question separate! I ran your CSS and HTML through Code checkers and they both look amazing. The design is profesional and my only criticism is that the box for the survey form doesn’t expand a bit more while in mobile view, however it is responsive and modern.

Have fun on the next project!

Thanks for your observation. I believe the issue you raised is now fixed.

Your page is amazing @Jedidiah :+1: :sparkler: :sparkles:

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@Jedidiah Awesome page, I happen to notice that the select element does not follow the font color or style you set for your design; I had this issue as well and solved by targeting the element specifically.

Thanks @uzoukwu for your assessment. However, it’s either I don’t understand what you meant below, or I can’t seem to locate the section of code you referred to. Could you clarify, please?

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