Survey Form Feedback - Opinion on Twitter Bootstrap

Hello campers!

I recently completed the “Survey Form” project, which I really enjoyed. It’s (almost) fully responsive and I didn’t use Bootstrap for it, just flexbox and grid system.

Here’s the link:

I’ll appreciate the feedback.

Keep coding!

Looks Great @NunoMartins21. Can you add a dummy thank you page after clicking the submit button.:smiley: . it’s not necessary though. But i think it lets us know that we have successfully submitted the application.

Or better still, you can add an alert box that says “Your application has been submitted”.

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Hi @chinonsoebere,

Thanks for your feedback. I’m happy to know you liked my project.
Well, it’s a really good ideia indeed, adding an alert box/dummy page. I’ll do it!

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wow man…looks nice …one thing u could improve on is to use a slider for experience info…Great …keep up ur good work…

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Hi @abheshekcr,

Thank you for enjoying my project! I have to confess I didn’t remember of using the slider, but I’ll definitely use it.

Happy coding!