Survey Form - Feedback Please

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Hi Abdullah,

I see <br/> after your div tags that is not necessary, if you want to create a space between your rows can use margin-top or margin-bottom.

On the other hand you used <center> tag that has been deprecated in HTML 4, instead of this you can use a <div> with text-align:center style.

You can remove some extra HTML tag in tour code, for example:

<div id="description" class="text-center">
    <p>Help us improve our Restaurant</p>

change to:

<p id="description" class="text-center">Help us improve our Restaurant</p> Thank you so much for your feedback
I’ll make the necessary changes :slight_smile:

I think some of your fields could do with being spaced out a bit more, for example having the name, email, gender and age fields on separate lines, and having the radio buttons (on ‘what do you think about our food’ etc) below each other rather than next to each other.

Also, the ‘personal information’ subheading strikes me as a little redundant. Is it all personal information? If so, I don’t think you need a header. If some of it isn’t personal information, then you would need a section subheading to differentiate those fields.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your Feedback Paul :slight_smile: