Survey Form: Feedback Please

Here is my fCC survey page. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you. Here is the link:

Hi :slight_smile:

You can improve your radio elements by adding an id, and the for attribute on label:

<input type="radio" name="describe-product" value="buggy" id="buggy"> 
<label for="buggy">Buggy</label>

Maybe you can try to modify the input elements to make them more “modern”? It could be a good training!

Otherwise it seems good to me! :slight_smile:

Very nice, readable and nice contrast colors. Congratulations!

Thank you for your feedback @mangasource. I have gone through the radio buttons and added the id and for attributes. I am looking at some sample surveys now and I will probably do some redesign in the future.

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Thank you @AdrainJ for taking the time to look at this project. I appreciate the feedback.