Survey Form – Feedback Requested

Just finished my survey form and looking for some feedback. I tried to challenge myself here with the styling but I’m hoping I don’t have too many accessibility concerns. I’m happy the way it turned out but I struggled with the small amount of JS I added for about 2 hours. :sweat_smile: Another interesting challenge with one of my favorite shows of all time behind The Office and Family Guy. (Man in the High Castle is creeping up there too). Thanks everyone.



This is incredibly well made, it looks like a professional web designer made this page. Your page looks just as great when viewed from a mobile device. I really like the checkboxes, theyre very creative and well designed. I can not find anything wrong with either the webpage or the code. keep up the good work, i think you’re very talented

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Georgous! This is what we want to see.

In CSS we trust.

This is very cool ,you have created as well as it should be ,well done bro .

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Thank you for the kind words. I was inspired from for the checkboxes. I’ve seen this done a few times in the past so it’s nice to know how it was accomplished.

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Thanks! CSS gets so much hate but things you can do with it are amazing. #TeamCSS


I love your survey! I’m trying to be patient as I wait for this season to arrive. And even then, we’ll have to wait month to month for each episode, right? Ughhh, they know how to grow anticipation! lol

But what about House Mormont of Bear Island?? The girl is super cute and intense lol (jk, her kingdom is so close to the Starks)

But the survey looks really great! Design, functionality, and responsiveness are all great.