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Hi :slight_smile: ,

Could I please have some feed back on my survey form project?


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Hi @wavyhix !

I think your page looks good.
I would consider adding the cursor pointer to the submit button.

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Your page looks good @wavyhix. Some things to revisit;

  • White text on a pink background does not offer enough contrast. It’s more pronounced on smaller screens.
  • It’s a nit but placeholder text should not mirror the label. Rather it should show the user the format of what’s expected.

On a side note, do not use code from the sample projects. They show one way to complete the project.

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Thanks for the tips! I’ve been following the format of the sample project but I’ve tried to not look too closely at what they’ve written. I’ll try to make my code more unique in future!

Your page looks good. I like the linear gradient part, it’s attractive.

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