Survey form feedback

Hi guys can you give me a feedback for my Survey form. I didn’t use CSS just Bootstrap :smiley:
Thank you in advance for you’re feedback

Put it up on codepen.
it will be much easier for us to see it.


Looks good so far and passes all tests. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would recommend making slightly larger check boxes, they are a little difficult to see and not very easy to click on. The top and bottom of the page feels a little bit cramped - give it a bit of space so there’s a bit of a margin. That being said, all of your text is justified left, leaving the rest look empty. I’d either center some elements like the title, or change the style a bit so it looks like your space is being used in a better way than pushing everything to the left.

It seems that name and email are required fields, but everything else is not. Maybe just add a little ‘*’ by the titles of the fields to make it clearer what is required, but that’s not that important for this.