Survey form- feedback

Hey everybody ! I have recently completed survey form project.Pls provide your valuable feedback and help me to make it better particulary the select section.Here is my project.

I like it but you haven’t made it responsive :slight_smile:
Also a really small thing: “Which section of fcc you would like to see improved?” should probably read “Which section of fcc would you like to see improved?” it makes more sense in the context of the form?

Luke :slight_smile:

There are a couple of issues with your project:

  • Your form is not responsive
  • We can’t read the items in your “What is your profession?” dropdown field except if we hover our cursor, which is not ideal.
  • Also, “Name”, “Age” and “Email” fields are pretty close to one another (have a look at the difference between “Age” and “What is your profession?” fields)

Overall - minus the missing responsive part - , you did good job with your survey :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback.I will try to improve.