Survey form feedback

aloha people ! here I’m with my first try haha I just hope for a beginner it s not tooo bad but I know it can be better :slight_smile:
Peace and love:) Aloha

syntax errors in html:

  • line 4 there is an extra closing </head> tag
  • line 5 has an opening body tag, but all elements should go inside the body… you can delete this tho, codepen provides it in the background
  • you have many closing </input> element, when input is self closing
  • you have repeated id attributes, when ids should be unique in a page
  • you have multiple id attributes on the same element in a couple of instances, attributes should not repated in an element
  • p2 is not a valid element name
  • you open two divs, one on line 22 and one on line 29 and never close them
  • your input type='number' has a set value of age, which is an invalid value for this

syntax errors in css

  • there are selectors that don’t target anything, like number, title and description as there are no elements with such names in your code

layout feedback
everything is kind of squashed to the left, it may be fine for mobile view, but not on desktop

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Sweet Jesus and I thought, I do min 70% correctly muhahah
najah how I mentioned my first try :slight_smile:
thank you very. much for your feedback
I give my best next time
have a good day

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